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Are you a developer looking to build in Centennial? Interested in changing your existing zoning? In this section you will find information about Centennial's land development process, zoning information and required permitting.

Land Development Process

  • Step 1Pre-Submittal Application
    Determination of process, fees, referral requirements and opportunities for comments and questions. Learn more about Development Pre-Submittals.
  • Step 2Land Development Application Submittal and Review
    Review and comment of site plan/plat/PIA, etc. Public Hearings (if required) scheduled after all comments are substantially addressed. Learn more and apply for a Development Permit.
  • Step 3Construction Drawings (CDs)
    Submitted after at least one round of site plan review. Can be submitted concurrently with site plan if no public hearing are required. Learn more about Site-Civil Construction Documents.
  • Step 4Building Permit
    Submitted after at least one round of Construction Drawings (CDs) are reviewed. Issued at or after Development Permit. Learn more and apply for a Building Permit.
  • Step 5Pre-Construction Meeting
    Scheduled prior to construction. Meeting covers construction hours and restrictions, contractor/City contact, and inspection processes. 
  • Step 6Development Permit
    Issued upon completion of land development application process, completion of CDs, and submittal of collateral for PIA public engineer's cost estimate (ECE).
  • Step 775 Percent Walkthrough
    Walkthrough with City, Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority (SEMSWA), Fire Safety, Building Division, etc. to resolve any issues before CO.
  • Step 8Probationary Acceptance
    Reduction in collateral associated with the PIA public engineer's cost estimate (90 percent). Hold remaining 10 percent for two years. 
  • Step 9Final Acceptance
    Final 10 percent collateral is released two years after probationary acceptance, project is accepted and closed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Permits - Building, Signs & Right-of-Way

Building Permits

Building permits are required for new buildings, renovations and additions to existing buildings to ensure all structures within the City are safe to occupy. 

Visit the Building Permits webpage for more information. 

Fence Permits

A permit is required for all new fences and the replacement of existing fences where height, location or materials are changing (e.g., chain link to wood). 

Visit the Fence Regulations webpage to learn about Centennial's fence regulations and permitting process.

Sign Permits

A permit is required for all new signs and replacement of or modifications to existing signs. Signage allowed depends on the zoning of the property. Properties are zoned under the Land Development Code and sign regulations are governed based upon Article 6, Signs and Lighting. Check your zoning.

Visit the Sign Regulations webpage to learn about Centennial's sign regulations and permitting processes. 

Streets - Right-of-Way Permits

A Right-of-Way (ROW) Permit is required for all construction and maintenance within the City’s ROW, placing dumpsters on residential streets, or requesting a street closure and transporting oversized/overweight loads on City streets. Some of the different types of ROW permits issued by the City include:

Visit the Right-of-Way Permits page to learn more about the different types of ROW permits issued by the City. 

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