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Are you organizing a large event or festival in Centennial? Are you hoping to serve liquor at a special event? Having a block party or parade? Building a temporary structure? Planning a family reunion at Centennial Center Park? In this section you will find information about application processes for obtaining the required permits and/or licenses for your event. 

Temporary Use / Special Events

A Temporary Use / Special Event Permit is required in the City of Centennial for a temporary use of private property or a temporary structure, with or without use of the public right-of-way. See the Temporary Use Permit page. 

Applicants must submit a site plan and a letter of intent with the application. Site plans should indicate all relevant information to the site and event, such as location and size of all structures, setbacks, parking/traffic/pedestrian mitigation, parking areas, access points, and location of business holding the event. The letter of intent should include, at a minimum: location/size of any structure(s) or tent(s), methods for handling access/circulation/parking, start date of event, duration of event, hours of operation, etc. 

Please submit materials at least three weeks prior to the event to allow sufficient time to review and process the permit. There is no fee for a Temporary Use Permit. 

Please note that the construction of any temporary structures or tents may require approval from the City’s Building Division, available by phone at (303)754-3321.

Temporary Signage

With some exceptions, banners, flags, sidewalk signs and other similar devices may be permitted as a temporary sign through an approved Temporary Sign Permit. For more information on temporary signs, please download the Temporary Signage Information Guide or call the Zoning Hotline at 303-754-3308 to speak with a planner.

All temporary signs are reviewed against the provisions in Article 6, Division 5, Temporary Signs of the Land Development Code. While there are no fees for temporary signs, they still must obtain a sign permit.

Visit the Sign Regulations webpage to learn about Centennial's sign regulations and permitting processes. 

Block Party or Special Event Street Closure

The Neighborhood Block Party Program was created to provide residents with a way to build relationships with their neighbors. 

The City will inform the appropriate emergency service providers of the closure once the request is received. Organizers of other special events, such as parades, athletic races or similar events, will follow the same procedures outlined in the form where any portion of a City roadway and/or traffic operations will be impacted. There is no fee associated with the request.

Please submit requests at a minimum of three (3) weeks before the date of the block party/street closure event to allow enough time for the City to process the request.

Learn more and follow procedures.

Centennial Center Park - Events

Large/Special Events:

A Large/Special Events Permit is required for large (300+ attendees), public or ticketed events at Centennial Center Park.

Requirements for special events may include the submittal of plans detailing the following: Crowd control/safety/security; traffic control; parking plan; trash collection and disposal plan; portable toilet plan; insurance provisions to ensure applicant’s ability to meet its obligation to indemnify the City for any damages or injuries; post-event cleaning; special structures, equipment to be used or placed at the event; Tri-County Health Department inspection/permit; and overall site plan

View the Large/Special Events Permit Application to learn more and apply. 

Mobile Food Vendors:

All mobile food vendors must meet certain requirements and obtain a Mobile Food Vendor Permit with the City prior to making food sales at Centennial Center Park. 

Mobile vendor permits are valid for a one month period and must be resubmitted each month. Permit applications are due by the 15th of the previous month (i.e. applications for June are due by May 15th). Permits will be awarded by the 25th and must be paid for in full at the time of pick up. Cost for a one month permit is $25.

 Mobile Food Vendor Application

Alcohol Possession and Consumption at Centennial Center Park:

The City of Centennial allows for the consumption of malt liquor (higher alcohol-content beer), vinous liquor (wine), spirituous liquors and 3.2 % beer within Centennial Center Park only for private, by invitation only, events. These private events must be held in areas designated by a City of Centennial rental agreement. Applicant must complete Alcohol Permit Application and provide non-refundable $25 application fee at least 30 days before the event.

Centennial Center Park Alcohol Permit Application

Serving/Selling Liquor at Special Events

A Special Events Permit is required when serving or selling alcoholic beverages or 3.2% beer at a special event. Special Event Permits issued by the Colorado Department of Revenue, Liquor Enforcement Division, and/or a local liquor licensing authority, allow qualified non-profit entities or political candidates to sell, serve, or distribute alcohol beverages in connection with fund raising events.Below is additional information outlining State and local procedures and permit applications. 

Visit the Liquor Licensing Page to learn more about procedures and access required forms. 
Special Sales at Events (Sales Tax)

The City requires a License for Special Sales Events taking place in the City during which three or more vendors gather in one location and sell items for a limited period of time, not to exceed seven consecutive days (i.e. art or craft fair).  The Special Sales Event License costs $10.00 and must be issued before the event. 

Learn more and apply for a Special Sales Event License.

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