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NOTICE: Centennial's Right-of-Way Permit Counter has been moved to a new location at the Centennial Public Works Facility located at 7272 S. Eagle Street. 

The City of Centennial partners with citizens and business owners to ensure the health, safety and quality of life of the community are not compromised by nuisance and land use violations of the Centennial Municipal Code. Code Compliance Officers respond to a variety of nuisance complaints and land use concerns, and patrol the City to address violations before complaints are received.

Changes to the City's Municipal Code | June 2017

The City has made amendments to the nuisance regulations contained within the Municipal Code after receiving citizen input and assessing the community’s needs. Learn more

Code Compliance Guidelines

Junk or Inoperable Vehicles

Junk or inoperable vehicles may not be parked or stored on private property visible from any public or private property. Please note any junk or inoperable vehicles located on a public street are addressed by the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office at 303.795.4711.

Right-of-Way Obstruction

No item, object or vegetation may be stored, placed or maintained on public sidewalks or roadways within the City including vegetation within 8 vertical feet of a sidewalk or 15 vertical feet of a roadway.

Unlawful Growth of Grass and Weeds

Grass and weeds may not exceed 8 inches in height on a property or any adjoining planting strips and alleyways.

Removal of Noxious Vegetation

Noxious weeds are prohibited on all land within the City and must be eradicated by an approved method. Please contact a Code Compliance Officer for more information on preferred methods. Learn more about noxious weed prevention. 

Proper Storage of Refuse Containers

Homeowners are required to remove garbage cans from public streets within 24 hours of placement. Garbage cans must be stored in areas not visible from the street, and lids must be used to minimize odors and keep pests away.

Outdoor Storage (Stockpiling)

Property must be free of junk, debris, garbage, scrap, salvage materials, tires, inoperable equipment, broken household equipment and furnishings, and other stockpiled items.

Fence Maintenance

Fences must be maintained in a structurally sound condition. Property owners may be required to repair or remove fences leaning 20 percent or greater near a public right-of-way.

Removal of Hazardous Trees

Residents are required to mitigate (prune or remove) a tree that is dead, broken, diseased or infested by insects from their private property when said tree presents a threat or hazard to people, property or other vegetation if it were to fall.

Home-Based Business Guidelines
  • Must have a City Business License
  • Must be done entirely within the home
  • Must be conducted by residents of the dwelling
  • May have one employee that does not live on site
  • May not store materials/inventory outside
  • Must maintain the appearance of a home and not generate excessive traffic that disrupts the character of the residential neighborhood
  • No advertising on site

View the Home-Based Business Information Handout or read section 12-2-404 of the Land Development Code (LDC) for home-based business standards.​​If you are thinking of opening a Home-Based Business, check with Code Compliance to determine if the business is permitted.


Code Compliance Guidelines Brochure 
Recognizing Noxious Weeds Brochure
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Compliance Procedures

Compliance Procedures

Failure to take action will result in a graduated notification process that may result in a court summons and fines in the amount of up to $2,650 per day, per violation. 

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